Cyber-Physical System

The Cyber-Physical System(CPS) is a group of embedded systems providing the foundation needed for The Internet of things and Industrial Internet(II). In the Metasens it is called the Next Generation Computing System; it is the future for the Earth.

There will be little to no physical barriers between the players and the virtual world with the virtual items and environment in it. The players can interact with the virtual surroundings as if they were real. This system uses smart computation approaches to associate with the real physical world and computational units. This system can be used to interact with real-world systems and the internet.

Professionals in cyber-physical systems make use of the power to encourage progress and to enhance the quality of life for people on Earth.

Digital World

We live in a world where almost everything is digitalized like Artificial Intelligence(AI) and the Internet of Things(IoT). We use digital technology every day since it makes our lives easier and more convenient. These technologies today include devices like our mobile phones, computers, or even home appliances that are automated. All these devices can be connected to the internet too. Humanity will be more peaceful and fairer with the help of technology. If you think about it, there are more devices connected to the internet than the number of humans here on Earth. In the future, these numbers are expected to keep increasing.

On Earth almost everything is connected to the internet; this is what we call the Internet of Things(IoT) also sometimes called the industrial internet(II). It is the interconnection of all internet-enabled devices that helps us communicate with other people. It can also gather information and is also used by big companies to operate efficiently to improve services with customers and increase the value of businesses. Applying blockchain technology with IoT will create tamper-proof records of shared transactions (immutable) and will also enable devices that are connected to the Internet to send data to the blockchain.

The future of Virtual Reality

The future of Virtual Reality(VR) has reached its highest potential making the digital world indistinguishable from the real world. The METASENS will provide this experience with the help of VR appliances and VR-related appliances like headsets, full-body tracking appliances, and advanced communication tools. Applying VR with blockchain technology, you get the Metaverse.

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