Game Team
🦸‍♂️ Issuance and operation – Kilfan Xu Derek has served at Soft-World International Corporation for more than ten years. He founded the first Venture Studio company in Taiwan, ijoing, and he invested in Soft-World. He was awarded as an outstanding young alumnus of National Cheng Kung University and has been invited for a long time as an industry coach for the National Cheng Kung University career plan. He is good at inspiring users with the game concept and creating innovative business models.
🧑‍💻 Producer -Hu Mingyong He is proficient in producing games and developing projects. The well-known Tetris Battle is one of Facebook’s masterpieces launched by him in the U.S.A. After returning to Taiwan, he served as the game director at Next Digital Ltd. and IGG Inc. Also, he was the president of the Taiwan subsidiary of YOOZOO Interactive Co. Ltd. Numerous million-dollar mobile games were launched by him. For instance, Deck Heroes and League of Angels M, to name a few.
👨‍💼 Planning Manager-Tan Wenhao He used to work at Lager Network Technologies Inc., GAME HOURS Inc., and NetDragon Websoft Inc. The expert in game designing and development group management. He held the position of system planner for the well-known MMORPG “King of Kings: Gods of Seven Realms.” and the project manager of the Top 10 Taiwan mobile game: “PILI Incredible.”
🧑‍🎨 Art Director-Xu Youhao He has set an art benchmark for Final Fable, Mobile Royale, and IGG Inc. What he has created never disappoints you. He is now the digital illustration lecturer at Gjun Inc. and Lien Cheng Computer Inc.
🤴 Chief Engineer-Qiu Yaoliang He served as the lead engineer for game companies, such as Maowei Ou Maiqian, Palm Universe, Dream Entertainment, and You Aide, leading the program team and making game development tools. He has 15 years of game program development experience and is proficient in front-end and back-end programs. With experience in the above, he is good at proposing technical solutions to customers' problems. The games he developed include the mobile game "Feng Shen Zhan Tianmen," "Goddess League 2," "Casino Deluxe" and the PC game "Legend of Bella."
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