Group and Determination
✨ The Singapore Company "Otey" is a dedicated development and operations company invested and established by the Imperium Technology Group Limited. (Stock Code: 776.HK) to fully develop the METASENS project. A professional team built by the world's best talents are responsible for the overall business development of the METASENS and grasps the golden period of development of the universe in the next ten years.
✨ Imperium Technology Group Limited. has rich experiences in the gaming market. Their well-known products include the latest MMORPG, ETERNAL, operated by the subsidiary, SEVEN SENSES GAME CO., LTD, which acts as an agent for game manufacturer ASOBIMO. This MMORPG game is produced by the former team of “Final Fantasy “designers that features Hiromi Morita and Yoshitaka Amano, the master illustrators from Japan, which fully demonstrates the strength of this group. In addition, the group also invested in the works of "Champion Horse Racing" launched by the original development team, demonstrating the determination and investment in self-research and self-development.
✨ The team members come from top-notch game operation and R&D teams. The members have more than 15 years of experience in related industries and have served as senior executives in the operation, distribution, and investment of listed game companies. Combining game research and development majors, blockchain majors, and game publishing operations majors, a solid combination of the three main axes.
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