Management Team
👩‍🚀 Management Team – Neil Lee Media Operator of the Year Silver Award. In 2017, he founded LeadBest Consulting Group as APAC CIO, a Top Ten blockchain consulting company in Asia, which is good at technology-driven innovation and developing business models.
👩‍🚀 Management Team-Huang Zhipeng He started his gaming industry experience with performance management of customer service at Game Flier International Corporation. He was responsible for the standardization of customer service. Later, he was in charge of launching the game: NBA2K Online in COMPETE!GAMES INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION. His position began with the customer service staff, then ascended to manager. It took him 19 years to make self-development games.
👩‍🚀 Management Team- Taien Wang The leader of the cross-strait technology community and Founding President of TGONertworks in Taiwan. He has been engaged in internet innovation for over 10 years of experience and 5 years of experience in a large technical team. He was certified as the Microsoft MVP and Facebook Ads API global champion. He was honored with many awards at home and abroad, including information security, innovation, cloud services, the internet, Ads, and so on. Taien came from rags to riches. In 2013, he created “friday shopping” and “friday-buy one more.” In 2017, he capitalized on the NST CO., LTD., which is focused on empowering Venture Studio technology. Their customers include e-commerce, automobile, telecom, textile, private equity, hotel, and government authorities.
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