A vast virtual world is being constructed by traditional MMORPG. Following a themed storyline, a sense of embodiment is made possible for players to interact with each other in the virtual world, which is far richer and more exciting than singular games for individuals. RPG Games have their limitations; they can only attract certain players who prefer role-playing in individual fields; for example, racing, management, strategic movements, etc. Once players have reached the top level, these RPG games would become boring at times with only repetitive missions. As a result, it leads to population loss. What’s worse, the services offered by gaming companies might be suspended.
The time and money that is invested into these roles by players are diminishing in value. Roles or characters in these games are not owned by the players but by the companies. These characters in RPG games cannot be sold, bought, or traded as players’ assets. Therefore, liquidation is not an option for these players. Game companies do not allow players to profit from these games either or resell their digital assets, which can seriously hurt players' willingness to invest in these types of games. They can change the rules of the games at any moment, and assets may be deprived at any given time. The players cannot decide the future of these virtual games and their communities.
Traditionally, online players can communicate with each other in the virtual world. Compared with their own personal computer games, we will not deny that it does come with much richer content. However, once the game developers decide to quit, the player's assets will vanish with it and it will become another part of history in the gaming world, which means that players never really owned their “Property” in the game. In fact, game developers will not allow players to exploit their game either. Everyone is at the mercy of their whims.