The word "Metaverse" is composed of the prefix "meta" and the root "verse", which means "beyond the universe" and is also translated as "meta-universe". The most specific embodiment of the meta-universe is the movie “Ready Player One.” Most of the characters depicted in the movie invest in the virtual online game “OASIS”, a vast virtual reality universe, to escape the chaos of the real world.
The “Meta-sensing Universe”-METASENS is like a large amusement park. There are many planet-themed parks with different IPs. Each park provides many different unique gaming facilities. Numerous games of all kinds are building up a rich and diverse planet from each other. Each planet has its own characteristics. Some planets can be used for car racing and farming, while other planets can allow players to perform role-playing games like shooting battles and so on. It is an ever-changing universe and the gameplay would swarm over METASENS at their pinnacle.
We are to build something that everyone can participate in.
Within such a vast universe of diverse planets, interconnection is made possible by the fascinating use of blockchain technology, which is familiarized by encrypted tokens tampering with it is nearly close to impossible, and such a mechanism is best suited for the Metaverse.